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Hitman 2: Update 2.12

20/12/2018 by MrOut

Hitman 2

IO Interactive passe à la 2.12 pour Hitman 2, dont un bon nombre d'amélioration pour la version PC:

PC Specific Improvements

Go to Map
Press the M key to go directly to map, do not pass Challenges, do not collect $200. You can also choose to bind it to another key in the Options menu.

Screenspace Shadows
We've added a new Graphics Option; Screenspace Shadows. Toggle on to give high quality shadow detail.

Reflection Quality
We've added a new Graphics Option; Reflection Quality. Toggle off, low, default or high to control the resolution of the rendered reflections in mirrors and floors.

Motion Blur
We've added a new Graphics Option; Motion Blur. Toggle off, low, default or high to give a smoother look.

Dynamic Sharpening
We've added a new Graphics Option; Dynamic Sharpening. This option counters effects caused by temporal anti-aliasing.

SLI Performance 
We've fixed an issue that could cause performance drops for players using NVIDIA cards with SLI enabled.

Simulation Separation
In the release notes for our previous update, we included a new option called "Simulation Quality." In this update, we've split this option into two; Graphical Simulation and Audio Simulation, allowing players to take advantage of the audio improvements but without affecting their GFX performance.

Steam Trading Cards
We've added support for Steam Trading Cards, including badges, profile backgrounds and emoticons.

Le changelog complet est par ici.

Hitman 2 - Holiday Hoarders

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